AR2 Patriot Network

The Movement Has begun…

  • A movement to fully restore the U.S. Constitution
  • A movement to take back our country from the career politicians, crooked lawyers, and corrupt judges who have, for too long, perverted our laws and our justice system
  • A movement to return the power to “We The People”.


The Mission:

  • To fully restore the U.S. Constitution
  • To secure & rebuild our economy by ensuring that American dollars go to Americans
  • Rebuild local community relationships & responsibility
  • Restore individual responsibility & education
  • Establish emergency plans & resources, in order to safeguard the members & community.


The Method:

  • Establish a membership that is active and growing
  • Establish local chapters that are responsible for their community & are involved at county and state levels.
  • establish a network of local businesses that are flourishing and helping the community to prosper.


Membership – Basic Individual:

    • Pocket constitution
    • AR2 lapel pin
    • Car window sticker
    • Membership to local chapter
    • 10% discount on all merchandise
    • Email newsletter
    • Commissions on new member sign ups

By signing up you are agreeing to abide by the Membership Agreement and the Member Code of Conduct. Please allow 8-12 weeks for materials to arrive.

Annual Payment – $100 per year



Monthly Payment – $10 per month




Your Help Is Needed:

The movement to restore our constitution and take back the government for “We the people” has begun…

  • This movement requires your assistance
  • This movement requires your involvement
  • This movement requires that you take action


The Choice Is Yours:

Will you be a part of this movement so that future generations have a better country than we had?


Will you sit idly by and allow the rot that has infested our government to continue?

The Time To Act Is Now!